How to Play Music Using AutoRip and Amazon Cloud Player

amazon cloud player appAmazon has a gift for you: it’s called AutoRip

Now when you buy any qualifying CD from Amazon, not only will the CD be shipped to you, but the digital file will be available for you to stream or download immediately so you can begin enjoying your new music right away. This service is called AutoRip and is available for any AutoRip Eligible CDs on Amazon. Look for the AutoRip icon. Currently there are more than 37,000 AutoRip Available CDs listed.

how to use Amazon AutoRip

But wait, there’s more!

Amazon is also giving you MP3 versions of every CD you purchased since 1998! And you don’t have to even try to remember what you bought. Amazon remembers and has already stored them in the Cloud Player for you.

To find your digital music, go to You might be prompted to sign into your Amazon account.

I couldn’t have told you what, if any CDs I’ve purchased from Amazon since 1998. But there they all were. Some of them were even CDs I had bought as gifts for other people, so now I have that music too. This might even make me more likely to purchase CDs as gifts since I will get the added perk of getting the music for myself as well. Giving digital music as a gift still doesn’t feel quite as special to me as giving the physical CD.

To listen to your AutoRip music on your iPad

Go to as above. You can listen to your songs streaming over the internet.
Get the free Amazon Cloudplayer app.

This app is sized for iPhones, but can be used on the iPad. If you want to use it at full screen size on your iPad tap the 2x circle in the lower right-hand corner.

To use the app you will need to sign into your Amazon account. You will then be asked to authorize your device to play Cloud Music.

At the top of the Amazon Cloud Player app there are two tabs: Cloud and Device.

From the Cloud tab you can play any of the music you have stored on Amazon’s Cloud as long as you have an internet connection. From the Device tab you can play any music stored on your iPad.

How to download music from Cloud Player to your iPad

  1. From the Cloud tab choose Albums. Select an album.
  2. Tap the downward arrow at top right. Songs will begin to download.
  3. Downloaded songs can be played from the Device tab on the Cloud Player even without an internet connection.

Amazon Cloud Player app Amazon Cloud Player app
Amazon Cloud Player app

From the Device tab you will be able to play your Amazon downloaded music as well as the music that is already in your Music app. However, your Amazon downloaded music will not automatically be added to your Music app.

If you would like to add your Amazon music to your Music app you will need to download the Amazon music to iTunes on your computer and synch it to your iPad. This step is optional. You only need to do this if you prefer to use the Music app to play your music instead of the Amazon Cloud Player.

To download AutoRip music onto your computer

You can listen to your songs streaming over the internet or you can download your Amazon Cloud music onto your computer.

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over the song or album you want to download.
  3. Click on the downward arrow that appears.
  4. Click on the Download option.
  5. Amazon MP3 Downloader will automatically launch, or you will be prompted to install it if you have not previously.
  6. Your music will be available in your iTunes Library (or Windows Media player, whichever is your default).
  7. To get your music onto your iPad, connect your iPad to your computer and synch your music on iTunes.

More about downloading your music is available from Amazon.


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